Armonia Massage & Bodywork

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1077 Dairy Lane, Elizabethtown PA 17022 * 717-208-2297 *

At Armonia, I firmly believe that every person has inside them the ability to live life to its fullest. Is your body’s ability to live, grow and develop smothered by stress, muscle tension, or pain? Are you held back by low energy, anxiety or unhealthy habits? Do you feel like it’s time to start taking care of you? We offer services that help you return to your center, increase your body’s ability to handle stress, and live a healthier, more balanced life. 

I believe every body heals from within, and that every person has inside them the ability to feel centered and whole. I believe that being healthy and full of energy can be restricted by layers of pain, stress, emotional and physical trauma. My mission through the power of touch, mindful movement and supportive connection in a safe and healing space, we nurture a physical and emotional transformation in each of our clients, creating a ripple effect that increases compassion and strength in the whole community. My Action I approach my clients with respect, with care, and without judgment. I use our gifts of bodywork to heal the layers that restrict their feelings of being healthy and full of energy.